English summary

In 2004 was established the Committee for Informatisation of Municipal Governments under the auspices of the Union Towns and Cities of Slovakia. In cooperation with eSlovensko Civic Association the Committee was transformed into Association of IT Officers of Municipal Governments of Slovakia (ZISS) on May 15, 2006 in Nitra.

The main objective of the Association is to integrate all IT officers of municipal government from all Slovak towns, cities and regions and create favorable conditions for exchange of information and experience as well as professional growth of officials employed in this particular profession. The Association will contribute to the qualitative growth of municipal governments in general.

Setting up favorable conditions for regular meetings of ZISS were among the first tasks of the Association so the much needed process of standardization of ICTs on municipal level could commence. In addition, close working relations were formed with the Association of Municipal Economists of Slovakia as well as with the Association of City Managers.

Today, ZISS actively participates on several national projects in the field of information society development and our members are nominated to various committees on state administration level.